TNK has been present in the growth of the Colombian automotive sector, with its permanent technological development in the manufacture of products with the highest technical requirements worldwide.

We specialize in manufacturing and marketing automotive suspension, transmission, steering and braking systems, supported by applied technology and the professional ability of our team. Currently we are the leading brand in the market in our country, thus demonstrating the quality of our products and the production capacity we possess.

We are the largest distributors in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Salvador and Venezuela.

We have 3 product lines: Light vehicles, taxis and all terrain.

Our Mission

Terminales Automotrices S.A. is a company specialized in manufacturing and marketing suspension, steering and transmission systems for automotive use; exceeding market expectations, supported by the internal wealth of our people, permanent innovation, the attributes of our TNK and K brands, continuous improvement and the technological capacity of the organization.

Our Vision

Terminales Automotrices S.A. It will be the best option in the supply of automotive parts, suspension, steering and transmission systems in America by 2025, which will allow us to be profitable, sustainable and with the expected participation in each market.



At TASA we have the ability to think, say and act consistently with our principles. In our company we have internalized our principles and values and we ALL ensure compliance.


In our company we accept each other’s ideas and actions. Respect is giving others the dignified treatment that I deserve, under the principle of «not doing to others, what you would not like to be done to you


We feel the difficulties and problems of others as our own, helping in a tangible way to solve them, generating feelings of participation and mutual cooperation.


We assume with PASSION, the responsibility to pursue the expected results.

We have the inner capacity to fulfill all the roles given by life, showing tangibly the achievement of our goals.


The permanent passing in an integral way, of knowing how to think and act is harmonized with corporate values and principles, transmitting to those around us: people and organizations the attitudes of change necessary for our improvement.


With joy we share the daily moments of living in a positive way


Working as a team is the most appropriate way to integrate our skills and experiences, generating the greatest commitment and facilitating the fulfillment of our mission and the achievement of common objectives.


Direct and influence others to the same end, to create conditions under which all the followers of the leader can perform independently and effectively, achieving the objectives.


  • Quality and safety in our products.
  • Oriented to the service of our clients
  • Profitability for our distribution cannel



Generate the profitability that allows us to be sustainable as a company, guaranteeing the well-being and social development of our environment.



We have the only safety testing laboratory in Colombia and the Andean Region, accredited under the international standard ISO 17025, in which all tests of service life and mechanical resistance to ball joints and steering terminals are carried out. These investigations guarantee the good operation and durability of the products, directly affecting the safety of the occupants.


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